Wednesday, September 05, 2007

My baby's gone ..... to High School !!

Well today was Aaron's first day at High School. He was up early, excited and apprehensive. He was straight in the shower, dressed and ready for the off by near enough 7am !!!! He even ate his coco pops in his blazer - PML !!
I must confess to having sobbed my ickle heart out this morning ... and worried about him all day. Thankfully tho, he is home and hasn't been bullied, didn't get lost, met up with friends and ate a hearty lunch.
He has however, come home as a young man. His whole attitude seems to have changed in one day .... he took his uniform off as soon as he got home, prepared his school bag for tomorrow and has demanded his tea !!
I'm sure i've blinked and missed some of his important formative years ... where has the time gone ??? I love this boy so much that at times my heart could break. I have so many dreams and wishes for him - the main one being that he grows up confident and independent - yet how does he become these things if I don't cut off the apron strings or at least loosen them ?
Its hard being a parent - but I wouldn't have it any other way ...
Love to all you parents out there xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


The Scrapfairies said...

Glad to see all is settlign down, Aaron is looking grown up in his uniform.

Heather said...

He looks so smart Cal, my DD started High School last week and she was for eating her breakfast in her new blazer and she is 12! hahah. Best of luck to you both.

EllePiggo said...

Awwwww very smart. Oh dear, my kids going to high school will creep up on me soon enough!!


Heather said...

How smart he looks Cal. My Erin started at the nursey int he local school the other day and my heart broke too