Friday, December 08, 2006

Xmas Factor Results (and gossip) ....................

Ok ... to start with ... I nearly had a duck egg ... sorry deb !

My secret santa surprise (David - Year 11) got stage fright !!! OMG, he's the gobbiest teenager that has ever walked this planet ... full of bravado ... and gives me so much hassle its unbelievable ... Anyway, his bottle went at rehearsal tonight and was on his way through the door and going home !! I practically had to sit him to get him to stay and I bribed him with every bribe known to man ... anyway, after I paid him a million compliments and told him that I was gonna make him a star .. he stayed.

So with that traumatic event over on we went for the 'real, live' event ....

We three judges took our places behind the screen and the X-Factor music started .... the next two hours just flew by ..... we judges had our fights .. we were booooooed one minute and then cheered the next ... We introduced our acts and then waved em off !!!

Poor Chris when he got up was shaking from top to toe ... the mic shook, his legs shook and his feet wouldn't stay still ... my heart was pounding for him - anyway thankfully he came across with the goods and was a star !

Bev then came on ..... with my secret santa .... OMG ... David only went and stole the flipping show !!!!!!!! At the end people were standing up cheering him ! He wasn't part of the act, just an 'extra' ... and he stole the show ... the kids from school were chanting his name and the wolf whistles nearly brought the house down !!! I could have cried for him !!! BUT ......... then I couldn't get him OFF the stage - he flipping loved it !!!! With my famous 'dirty looks' going into over-drive, I eventually 'eye' hounded him off !

Next came Hayley my Year 7 and her first solo performance EVER - wow, she was breathtaking. She remembered every line, remembered every 'move' ... and absolutely stole the show ..... hence she won !!!!!!! YAY !!!!!!!!!

My act won the show !!!!!!!!!!!! Hayley has won a trip to a recording studio where she will cut her own disc, a makeover and a photo shoot ... and she will be taken everywhere by limousine !

The three teacher acts all went down a storm - and Steve our Deputy Head couldn't stop laughing when the snow machine went into over drive and completely covered him in snow !!!! It was sooooooo funny - I literally peed my pants laughing !!!

All in all the show was fantastic - everyone commented how professional it was - AND most importantly we raised over £500 for the local hospice !!

Now thats what I call a successful night !!!

Thanks for everyone's good wishes it meant a lot to me xxxxxxxxxxxx


Anonymous said...

Wonderful - couldn't wait for the kids to finish on the puter this morning so I could catch up on the results. So pleased that your act won, and what a wonderful prize. I'm sure the whole school benefitted though with the sense of school spirit that was created. Well done Carole!!!!!

Monika said...

You really are hysterical.. This blog made me laugh out loud.

Thanks for sharing your stories. I really enjoy reading them.

bookit said...

ohg...that sounds so much fun!