Sunday, November 05, 2006

Topy Turvy Life ...

My life is so topsy turvy .... I am sooooooo busy with 'getting on with life' things .. yet I do have spare time, but it whizzes past me.

We're fighting to keep our school from an amalgamation at the moment - Save Our School - is our battle cry. We had a fantastic meeting with Councillors at our school last week and then the same session including the parents. 200 parents, past-students, locals turned up for the event. The kids in school made banners, badges, art work, poetry ... it was a fantastic response !

We've had a multi-million pound sports centre built in the last few years and last year we had an Olympic sized athletics track and 'more sporty stuff'' built - so how come they're even considering closing our school - its beyond me !!

The truly fantastic thing that has come out of it tho, is the way that the whole school has joined together - pupils, teachers and governors. The atmosphere around school is tremendous !!

I have always believed that behind every tragedy in life that there is a silver lining - and this has been ours.

So fingers crossed everyone that Rochdale Council decide to keep MY school and the other school open.


Hubby and I are having a crap time at the moment - can't put my finger on it, and he won't open up and talk. I know he's in constant pain, and I know he's bored at home all day - but unless he can open up to me, then there's nothing I can do - I really just wanna run away at the moment *insert sad smiley*

Oh well, at least i've got the Manchester crop next Sunday and then Sarah's retreat on the weekend of the 25th to look forward to - jeez I need a break. I just hate leaving the little fella when hubs is feeling like this.....

Sorry to heap this on my 'readers' but I need to offload somewhere.


I know you read this so once again I just want to publically/blog-ly say thank you for being there for me - you're my saving angel and I luvs ya loads xxxx


Kelly said...

ahhhhh hunny sending lots of huge hugs for you and hope your hubby opens up real soon (((((hugs)))))

Deborah Duck said...

Fingers crossed for your school, it just doesn't make sense sometimes does it? Our Local Ed. Authority decided in the summer than 22 schools in Cardiff needed to be closed, as in the coming years there won't be enough children in Cardiff to fill them all. The produced these glossy booklets to send to everyone, all of whom panicked about which schools would be closing, then the following month decided they did have enough children, and wouldn't go ahead with it anyway! I wonder how much money that little proposal cost, and into whose pocket it went??? (Mrs Cynical Head on today).

Your poor hubby, he must be feeling pretty lousy, but as you say, until he's ready to open up about it, nothing is going to change. Does he have any hobbies? When my dad was home ill he started building dolls houses, and embroidering carpets for them! You still make sure you get your me-time though, that's important.

Lianne said...

Cal hun, I'm always here if you need to gab/offload, any time night or day, love ya loads xxx

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear your having a bit of a tough time Cal, thinking of you and sending big hugs :)