Wednesday, October 18, 2006

The Secret Layout ... and more .... and more ...

Ahem ... thanks Mrs Duck ... but this is my secret layout that I mentioned \/ down there .... it didn't show ... I edited it ... twice .. I swear - and it just hasn't shown up .. anyway .... i'll try again ... aaaah there it is !!! Seeeeee I did have a layout !!!!

Yes, I've been tagged again !!!!!

I have to think of another five weird things about me .... so .......

1. I love cutting my toe nails ... I just can't wait until they start annoying me and I have to chop em ... hmmmmm i love the sound of the crunch as I chop em !

2. I hate beans .. baked, boiled, runner, kidney ... and the worst offender of all .... BUTTER BEANS !!! I mean WTF are they ??? They're gross ... they don't even taste of butter, they taste of cacky cardboard ... yeuch yeuch *puke*

3. Ears. I MUST have clean ears. A nurse once complimented me (well, told me off) by saying that my ears were too clean - I mean what does she want me to have - dirty, grubby, mite infected-potatoes-growing-out-of-them-ears ??? eh ? eh ? She had the nerve to tell me that I should put nothing bigger than an elbow down my ear !!!!! Hmmmm thinking about it, maybe I should go on that long-promised diet, coz maybe then i'd get my elbow down em !!!! I didn't dare mention that my mate Little Sue (long story, but there's big sue, little sue, chinese sue, big big sue, birkenhead sue, school sue ..... dya see where i'm going with this) ... anyway, Little Sue puts knitting needles down her ears to scratch em !!!!!!!!! How gross/bad/excruciating is that ..... anyway, I never snitched on her to the nurse .... *is a good fwend*

Sorry I rabbited for a bit there .............

4. Porridge - i love it ... but ONLY WITH SALT and NO milk - how do people eat such a fine delicacy when its made with milk AND sugar AND jam - how gross is that ..... Porridge should be eaten pure ... with just a ickle bit of salt - lo fat salt of course :)

5. I will only drink out of a china cup or mug - it makes me heave drinking out of a pottery mug, but I will, at a push drink from one of them <>Cough/cold
........ 'tis still ongoing ........ *cough* *cough* *cough*

Farepak Hamper & Voucher doo-dah

Sadly, I was one of the unlucky ones who got 'stung' - but I consider myself lucky in that my gorgeous, wonderful Heir Apparent is more grown up than his young 10 years ... and says he understands. *blubs* ... what did I do to deserve this wonderful boy.

I feel so sorry for the woman with 11 kids who has lost everything .... and the single mum with 3 kids who is on the dole .... there are so many children that are going to go without this year that it breaks my heart.

I ask anyone who reads this blog - please - if you know someone - and please NOT me - who has been stung, would you please put an extra little something in your Christmas shopping basket for one of these kids.

My little un will be ok, I and my family will make sure he is ... but there are people out there who have no means to earn extra money except to go into extra debt, and no family to lend from - so please, please, please think of these children. Thank you xxxx


Lianne said...

You weirdo :D I will get the china cups out next time you come round, actually, I don't think I've got any!

L xxx

Deborah Duck said...

And a lovely secret layout it is too (like how you have chopped the flowers and not used all of them).

I'm so with you on the china cup/mug. I have dozens of mugs in my house because I don't wash up enough and save them up to go in the dishwasher, but that's another story, but I will only drink out of 4 or 5 because they are nice and thin. Fat cups make me heave.

(Can't help feeling very sorry for Big Big Sue, bless!)

Kelly said...

i love that page hunny its fabby and woooo hooo the kit fitted regan that my dad got but thanks again for the kind offer hun :D:D:D:D