Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Tuesday and Wednesday UKS Prompts !!


Five things that wind you up or make you wanna scream... ???

1. People who chomp when they eat. Its disgusting, surely they can hear themselves. Its not just that I'm fussy over it, it really does make me wretch hearing and (worst of all) seeing someone's food as they're eating it ... *gags*

2. Inconsiderate People. As in people who give no consideration to others ie., when driving, opening doors for others, queuing, parking in disabled spots and more than anything, no consideration or thought given to people's feelings.

3. Bad atmosphere's. I can sniff a bad atmosphere from a million miles. I hate it when people fall out, or 'brew' on something for hours and days ... just say it and get it over and done with. I suppose it stems from when my friend Shirley and I fell out ... we never made it up and she moved to America. I've never heard from her since, and I still miss her desperately 20 years later xx.

4. This one is a continuation of the above .... say what you think. I would rather someone tell me they hate me and give me reasons why, rather than continue small talk or causing a bad atmosphere. A SPADE IS A SPADE ....if you have something to say then SAY IT !!! Everyone could have a different opinion, but that is allowed in life ... no-one says you HAVE to agree with everyone, and no-one says you have to LIKE everyone who comes into your life.

5. Uncleanliness. Drives me potty - I can smell someone a mile away if they stink. I just can't help it, but it really does knock me sick. You can get a bar of soap for 20p nowadays ... there's absolutely no need for anyone to pong these days.

Sorry if I've upset anyone, but after all, they are only my opinions !!! xxxxx

Wednesday Prompt

You can pick 5 people for dinner - who ??

1. Giles Brandreth. Apart from being an extremely intelligent man (sadly lacking in a lot of politicians), he is also one of the funniest speakers I have ever had the pleasure to listen to.

2. Freddie Starr. I love this man ... I wanted to breed his children ... (too old now) ... He is without one of the funniest men in history (close second to Norman Wisdom). He walks on a stage and has me in absolute stitches. His voice when he is serious, is the voice of an angel. Love him, love him.

3. Elton John - one of the best music writers and singers. I'd really like to get inside his head.

4. Anastasia - Her voice sends goosebumps all over me .. plus she's a really intelligent level-headed woman, and, I think she'd be great fun on a girls' night out !!!!

5. Sorry about this, but I have to group these ones together - THE GIRLS ! (all my fabulous friends - past and present) - Oh, to get us all together for one last time - the place would rock !!!!!!!!!

Well ... i've read my list over and I can't wait for dinner !!!!!


I went to the Dentist today and only needed a 'clean' - yay !!!!!!!!!!

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